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As an author, the books and services I give are from life experiences and not just from research and other testimonials. I write about true-life stories that my audiences can relate to and connect with me. As an evangelist and speaker, I try not to give you my opinion, but I give you the Word of God. As a faith blogger, I post messages to help those that are struggling on their Christian journey.

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By Delphine kirkland

Family Time with God

52-Week Bible Study Devotionals for the Family of All Ages

“Sing!” All it took was playing an imaginary piano on a child’s bedroom window sill to stir up memories of her family’s bible study time with God.

“Family Time with God” is a devotional book designed for adults, teenagers and children. This 52-week short devotional covers a wide range of family and life topics such as:

  • What does it mean to accept God’s word?
  • How to walk faithfully with God in your everyday life.
  • Why is it important to do the right thing?
  • How does God’s Word address tough issues?
  • And so much more!

Each chapter weaves in memories and lessons from the author’s life. She addresses the importance of cultivating a prayer journey with God as it firms the foundation of one’s family. At the end of each week’s devotion, questions and activities are provided so everyone can lend insight and wisdom.

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    Other Books

    Just Jesus and Me

    A book about standing on God’s word, trusting and believing God when others around you doubt your stand. It’s a book on prayer, faith, and courage. 

    Hiding God’s Word in my Heart

    This book is a rare gem direct from the heart of a woman who has overcome extreme racism in the deep south, prolonged illness, identity crises, isolation, spiritual attacks, and now a global pandemic. 

    book _ family time with god _ delphine kirkland

    Family Time with God

    “Family Time with God” is a devotional book designed for adults, teenagers and children. This 52-week short devotional covers a wide range of family and life topics.


    Life is hard and we all go through trials and tribulations. It’s how we choose to deal with those said processes that help formulate us and our relationship with God. This book gives us an intimate look at one woman’s journey and the blind faith she needed to stay on her course and finding her true purpose. Thank you Delphine for sharing your story and gift with me and the world.

    – Angela, Amazon Review

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    1st Annual Encouragement Sisterhood Conference • VIRTUAL

    In the Christian community, many parts of mental health are not discussed and many people feel alone or even judged. We as women and sisters in the body of Christ have to come together to show there is support and to encourage one another.

    The Conference will be broken into three parts:

    Part 1- Friday is all about emotional awareness

    Part 2- Saturday morning is all about seeking help

    Part 3- Saturday afternoon is all about providing encouragement


    Prayer & Book • Southeast, USA

    Available for virtual conferences, online summits, and eventually, in-person women conferences.

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    22 Prayers for the Hurting

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    Prayers for your spouse, children, parents, co-workers, and more. Get direct access now to a resource library with the FREE Prayer Ebook and much more!

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