The struggle is real. My weekly blogs are about encouraging people who are struggling in their Christian journey. I count it a blessing to be a Christian, although we have to constantly fight the fiery darts of Satan. Life on this earth can be challenging and unfair. Rest assure, God know our struggles and He know how much we can bear. Most importantly, He cares about our pains, hardships and He’s always ready to assist us at any moment.

When I think of struggles, it reminds me of the man in the bible who was stricken with a sickness for thirty-eight years. John 5:1-8. There was a pool called Bethesda, that an angel came down at a certain season into the pool and whoever stepped in the pool was immediately healed on their disease. Jesus beheld the man and asked him would he be made whole? The man didn’t quite understand the questioning of Jesus, for his mind was focusing on the pool. Instead, the man began to tell Jesus how he tries every season to enter into the pool, but unfortunately someone arrives before he does. We can only imagine the disappointment this man had to endure for year after year after year.

Reading this scripture encourages me to never give up and never stop trying. On my Christian journey, I’ve tried and failed, tried and lost out, but praise God, I got back up. The more I kept trying; God kept helping me until I achieve my goals. This man faithfully tried to enter into the pool, but he never gave up and it paid off. He had no idea that he would meet a man called Jesus. Jesus beheld a man with determination, persistent, while suffering pain for a long time. Jesus told the man to take up his bed and walk and immediately the man began to walk.

Be encouraged my brothers and sisters. God is aware of your health, financial, physical, emotional, relationship, marriage, and family struggles. He sees your tears and He hears your cries. As long as you are trying, God will help you.