About Delphine

Delphine Paige Kirkland is a minister, Bible teacher, Christian blogger, Christian vlogger, and has a Womenโ€™s Jail Ministry. Her dream was to become a successful opera singer, but God had other plans. Although her dreams and goals were interrupted, she doesnโ€™t feel life treated her unfairly. She strongly believes it was the will of God and doesnโ€™t regret one moment that her dreams and goals were shattered, because she found a Savior in a way she would never have known.

Now, Delphineโ€™s goals in life are to keep writing books to encourage, help those who are struggling on their Christian journey, and win souls for Christ. She is eager to share with the world her story of how she met a God of power and miracles.

Delphine is happily married. She and her husband, Ben, reside in Sweet Water, AL.


Self published author of two books: โ€œJust Jesus and Meโ€, a book on prayer, faith, courage, and trusting God when others around you doubt your stand. Cookbook: โ€œCrumbs from the Master Tableโ€, a book of dessert recipes by the author and inspirational messages. Both books on Amazon


Available to speak at church events, bible studies, conferences, book signings events, and panels.ย ย Delphine brings her strength, passion, and leadership to every single talk, camp or speaking engagement and connects deeply with an audience through story, teaching, and movements.ย 


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